It all began in the United States when one mum felt led through prayer to consider adopting a sibling set of three children, one of whom was HIV+, from Ethiopia. You can read our Founder’s Story HERE.

Project HOPEFUL’s work expanded throughout the US and Project HOPEFUL was at the forefront of a movement in orphan care to provide homes for some of the most vulnerable and needy orphans around the world. Today, Project HOPEFUL  has helped hundreds of orphaned kids with HIV+ come home to loving families through our education and support efforts. Project HOPEFUL continues to educate Americans about the “do-ability”of HIV+ adoptions. (www.projecthopeful.org)

In Spring of 2011, concerned Australians with a heart to see international adoptions in  our country expand to include children with HIV/AIDS and other special needs contacted Project HOPEFUL to partner with them to create Project HOPEFUL Australia after reading about Carolyn Twietmeyer in People magazine. (www.projecthopeful.com.au) This website was created specifically by Australians for Australians to help meet their needs for current education and information about Australian adoption policy.

Project HOPEFUL Australia is a grass-roots initiative that exists to educate, encourage and enable families and individuals to advocate for orphans with HIV/AIDS around the world through Project HOPEFUL’s advocacy programs like FIG and HOPE+ Sisterhood. And, it is our prayer that in the future Australians who would like to offer a home and love to an orphan with HIV/AIDS will be supported in this decision by our government.

We believe that through education social stigma can be eradicated, and that the  TRUTH about HIV/AIDS will knock down the fear-based barriers which our nation has raised against orphans with HIV/AIDS. It is our desire to see every Australian equipped to be an advocate for change that will open doors for families who want to adopt these children.

We believe that giving our ALL for even just ONE child is well worth the effort. We’ve seen that it really is possible to change the world ONE life at a time. And in doing this what we have discovered is that one by one our impact adds up. The effects of positive change are GREAT!

Won’t you join us? For more information please write info@projecthopeful.com.au

ALL for ONE,

The Project HOPEFUL Team


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