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HIV/AIDS Timeline

Take a moment to watch this excellent American news video on the advancement of HIV/AIDS over the past 30 years.

In the years since AIDS was first discovered much has changed. What was initially a death sentence has been turned into a chronic but manageable disease through the use of HAART therapy. People who receive treatment before they reach the critical stages of AIDS can have their health restored.

Though much has been accomplished in the management and treatment of HIV a cure still needs to be found. While society waits for a cure we must continue to press forward to conquer outdated fears and stigma related to the virus.

Knowing the truth about transmission is vital to protecting our communities  from becoming infected. Understanding that HIV is transmitted in just 3 main ways and that infected individuals pose not threat when engaging in casual social contact will help society embrace our positive members. Education is key to preventing the disenfranchisement and isolation of HIV-positive community members.

When looking around at the global orphans crisis and the needs of those most vulnerable of the world’s population surely adoption for orphans with HIV/AIDS is a viable option. Especially since they pose no threat in normal family living circumstances.



If you enjoy listening to podcasts here are a few on the topic of HIV/AIDS: ‘s This Month is HIV is an excellent resource. There are limited episodes and some are as old as 2007 but they are worth listening to.

This Positive Life is a podcast featuring the stories of HIV+ individuals living with HIV/AIDS around the world. New Zealander Marama Pala tells her story HERE.

The Momcast Podcast features Project HOPEFUL US staff discussing the realities about adopting and raising children with HIV/AIDS. The Episode features Project HOPEFUL Founder/Executive Director, Carolyn Twietmeyer

NAPWA as a resource

The National Association of People Living With HIV/AIDS or NAPWA website is an excellent resource for Australians living and thriving with HIV/AIDS.

Their excellent guide to getting the best treatment and care for HIV/AIDS can be found here:

Australians already have the infrastructure and resources  required to provide children with HIV who are adopted internationally the care they need to thrive as productive members of society. It makes little sense for policy to discriminate against orphans with HIV/AIDS as potential adopted children of willing and able Australian parents. Especially when those orphans represent some of the most needy around the world, and the numbers of inter-country adoptions here is so low.

If Australia is allows for inter-country adoptions why not allow interested parties the option of adopting children with HIV/AIDS? Isn’t the point of inter-country adoption to provide homes for those most desperate of orphans for which no other solution can be provided?

HIV/AIDS and Australia is a great resource for education related to HIV/AIDS.

Find a breakdown of persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in Australia HERE